Carry your bike lane

We are making some DIY bike safety flags and are looking for old reflective construction vests. If you have any lying around gathering dust please contact us at Thanks!

TraC Recommends Gibsons Way Improvements Be Postponed

In late June, TraC met with the Town Of Gibsons in order to go over the details of the plan for cycling and pedestrian improvements to Gibsons Way. There are a number of issues with the plan, the most serious being lack of bi-directional travel, and we have recommended to […]

Elementary School Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our Elementary School contest winners. We had so many wonderful submissions, it was hard to choose a winner. Our panel of 7 people came to an agreement after over an hour of review. We asked students to illustrate “What I love about riding a bike” with either art […]

Bike to Work & School Week Wrap Up Party

Join us for the Bike to Work & School Week Wrap Up Party at the Gumboot Cafe. Friday June 2nd, 5:30-9:00pm There will be free food, great drinks, games and prizes. GRAND Prizes for New Riders & Returning Riders will be awarded. Follow our Facebook Page for details.  

Gravel On Shoulders

Many of you will haven noticed the dangerous accumulation of gravel on the shoulders from road sealant work over the past week.  We have received expressions of concern about this, and have pursued it with Capilano Highways and MOTI.  Cap has clarified that this is not their contract, and it […]

Prep & Pack List for Bike to Work & School Week

Bike to Work? But I need my car for all my stuff! Read our Prep & Pack list to get ready for Bike to Work & School Week. Stash stuff at work: Change of shoes Refresher Kit (hair brush, deodorant, hair brush) Snacks Plan ahead: Bring a few lunches to […]

Stay Energized for Bike to Work & School Week

Keeping your body energized through Bike to Work & School Week doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are some easy tips and great recipes for you and your family to try. Drink water – Staying hydrated for even a short ride is important. Be sure to drink water before, during […]

Coastal Bike Route – Name and Logo

We have four great bike route logo designs and would like your help choosing. We are moving away from the “Coastal Bike Route” name and adopting something more along the lines of what MOTI will display on the road. So part of the choice below is the name of the […]

Photo of group of cyclists with Jackolantern heads riding along dark road

Join us for our Bone Shaker Night Ride!

Costumes, Prizes, Spooky Stories and Witches Beach Fire! Date: Sunday October 30 Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm Meeting Place: Gibsons Elementary Playground Our night ride will take us through the Woods of the Wicked Witches and the decorated streets of Upper Gibsons before we descend through the Frightening Forest to […]