Active Transportation Month

May 2019!

For background on Active Transportation Month see our call for action and join the movement.

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Bike to Work Week will be even bigger and better this year as it transforms into a full month of events promoting Active Transportation. For the past eight years TraC has sponsored Bike to Work with the support of local governments, business, schools and individuals. This year’s plans are to place more emphasis on all forms of alternative transportation with a longer, more diverse, scope of events. Active Transportation Month will offer a month-long set of events sponsored by various people and organizations that encourage forms of alternative transportation that avoid the single person use of the car.

  • Instagram Photo Contest

    Don’t forget to hashtag #mayisactivetransportationmonth and tag @coasttrac to be entered to win a prize for best photo. Keep checking with us for the prize reveal!

  • Coast Car Pooling on Share-There

    Post or request rides to get around on the Sunshine Coast

    Share rides to local events or anywhere you want by posting or requesting rides at

    Meet new people, reduce your impact, and cut down on travel costs.

  • Lower Sunshine Coast User Friendly Trail Guide

    The District of Sechelt has published a beautiful Lower Sunshine Coast User Friendly Trail. Printed copied available in early May.

    See the press release here.