National Pedal Poll

Several TraC members were among over 1000 volunteers from 90 communities across Canada who took to the streets in June to collect demographic data on cyclists. The data collection effort was organized by Velo Canada Bikes, a national cycling advocacy organization, in an effort to get a clearer picture of who […]

Trail Avenue Cycling Improvements

Thank you District of Sechelt! And it keeps getting better! Trail Avenue, the major North-South transportation corridor in Sechelt is being greatly improved. The new roadway includes sidewalks and paved paths on both sides, and while it is still under construction, it is already well used.  The design, that received […]

North Road Bike Lanes

Thank you MOTI and Town of Gibsons! Have you noticed the new bike lanes on North Road in Gibsons too?  We are thankful that MOTI acted on the requests from TraC, the District Parent Advisory Council and the Town of Gibsons to include bike lanes after repaving it last summer. […]

2020 AGM Report On Activities

Active Transportation Week This year Trac delivered a condensed Active Transportation Week rather than the Month long event the previous year. Despite the constraints, a great series of events were hosted. Walking Challenge  GoByBike promotion Sufferfest II  Inaugural E-Bike Photo Scavenger Hunt Safe Routes To School promotion Active Transportation Improvements […]