Free Bus Passes for Students

TraC fully supports free transit for students on the Sunshine Coast.

Why free bus passes for students?

  • A 2018 survey commissioned by the Town of Gibsons found that a large percentage of students are driven to school in cars instead of more healthier alternatives such as walking, cycling, or taking the public bus. 

What benefits are there to free bus passes to students?

  • Address climate change. Climate change mitigation and adaptation actions can be complex and have steep price tags for municipalities. Increasing transit ridership is one of the most immediate and cost-effective ways that the SCRD can address climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from cars.
  • Build early sustainable transportation habits and develop lifelong transit users.
  • Grow or improve the transit system. Free access to transit increases demand, resulting in a need for increased service frequency. In turn, increased service frequency makes public transit a more attractive option for paying riders.2
  • Reduce Highway #101 traffic congestion.
  • Promote social equity by giving youth from lower income families the same opportunities for access and independence.
  • Increase experiential learning. Free bus passes would make transit more viable for students travelling cross-boundary, attending special programs, and pursuing work experience and personalized learning in the community. 

Learn more about the potential impact of free bus passes for students in this short TED Talk video.