Gas Tax Funded Shoulder Paving Coming Soon (We Hope)

Thank you District of Sechelt!

You may recall a time when the SCRD used gas tax revenue, received from the Federal government via a funding agreement with the Union of BC Municipalities, to fund shoulder paving on secondary roads controlled by MOTI.  The incomplete shoulders on Lower Road, for e.g., were funded this way.  Unfortunately, four years ago someone read the funding agreement fine print and realized that gas tax revenues had to be used on assets that a local government had authority to maintain.  This resulted in a suspension of gas tax funded shoulder paving, because the SCRD had no tenure or control over the shoulder once it was paved.

After four years of painfully slow process, the SCRD and MOTI are on the cusp of breaking that log jam by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding that should pave the way (pun intended) for the SCRD to once again fund shoulder paving.  The bad news is that it has taken so long, but the good news is that a substantial amount of gas tax has accrued in that time: Area D has a balance of $1,335,218, Area E has $1,650,546, Area B has $652,289, and Area F has $874,428. (Area A’s balance is less clear as some funding was spent on water infrastructure.) 

So, if you have a priority shoulder paving or another Active Transportation project in your rural area neighbourhood, contact your SCRD Director and advocate for a share of that big gas tax pie.  TraC is working with Andreas Tize (Area D) on prioritizing completing the Lower Road shoulders once the MOU is signed.