Gravel On Shoulders

Many of you will haven noticed the dangerous accumulation of gravel on the shoulders from road sealant work over the past week.  We have received expressions of concern about this, and have pursued it with Capilano Highways and MOTI.  Cap has clarified that this is not their contract, and it would use different practices that would not result in the gravel accumulating on the road. MOTI explained why the work is being done – the sand application is part of a road sealant contract that was delayed by winter weather – and confirmed that it will be cleaned up prior to Bike to Work Week.

While it is good news that this hazard will be removed this coming week, we think it is important that MOTI hear from people so that they understand that this practice should not be repeated in future years.  Road sealing is an annual contract, and there are ways to do it that don’t involve an inch of sand on the shoulder.

We encourage you to let MOTI know that the needs of non-motorized road users have to be taken into account when this type of work is done, and that in the future they have to ensure that this type of hazard isn’t recreated.  You can email Colin Midgley ( – Local Manager) or Don Legault ( Regional Manager) to make your voice heard.