Status: Hired – Active Transportation Month Coordinator

Sunshine Coast (TraC) is seeking applicants for the delivery of Active Transportation Month 2019 (ATM 2019) including Bike to Work/School Week on the Sunshine Coast.

What: Contract tasks include volunteer coordination, liaising with participating groups, and social media outreach. The contract is for up to 150 hours at a rate of $20/hr. The contractor will be responsible for his or her own computer and transportation.

When: The start date is early April, with all tasks fulfilled in time for and during Active Transportation Month (May – June 7th).

Applicants should email a resume and expression of interest to TraC at by 25-Mar-2019.

For background on Active Transportation Month see our call for action and join the movement.

The tasks of the Active Transportation Month Coordinator will include:

  1. Developing and maintaining an overall event calendar for the Sunshine Coast.
  2. Organizing advertising and public outreach, including developing and implementing social media outreach.
  3. Recruiting event sponsors and participants.
  4. Liaising with participating local governments, businesses and schools.
  5. Organizing participant support and assisting with logistics as required.
  6. Reporting and meeting weekly with TraC supervisor / ATM team on progress and any issues encountered.
  7. Planing and organizing a wrap-up event to conclude the month’s activities.
  8. Preparing any data entry and/or reporting required to fulfill any program or funding requirements.