Bike Valet

TraC volunteers at Synchronicity festival 2015

Parked bikes at the valetWhat the heck is a bicycle valet?

A bicycle valet is a volunteer-run service at events where attendees can park their bike in a secured area for free! A valet volunteer will always be present to check in/out your bike so you don’t have to worry about securing your bike while you’re enjoying the event.

Why use a bike valet or host one?

  • The service encourages attendees to ride their bicycles to the event.
  • The benefits to users are a happier, healthier commute and not having to worry about securing your bike.
  • For event organizers it helps create a “greener” event since it encourages alternative transportation and reduces problems with traffic congestion and vehicle parking which can interfere with event logistics and cause safety problems. Contact us to host a valet!

How it works

Our bike valet works similar to a coat-check:

  1. Bring us your bike. We’ll give you a card and place a copy on your bike. BE SURE NOT TO LOSE THIS CARD! You will need this to pick up your bike.
  2. We park your bike in a enclosed, highly-visible, volunteer-manned area. A volunteer will always be next to the bike area during the event to ensure your bike is secure.
  3. When it’s time to go home, bring us your card and we’ll give you your bike!

As we rely on volunteer labour, it is important that we have a fixed closing time.  All users will be asked to pick their bike up by a set time, determined with the event organizers.  To avoid delays we ask users to make an effort to pick up their bike at least 20 minutes before the event closing.

What happens if I lose my card?

We rarely have problems and don’t expect you to lose your card. Treat it like cash, a driver’s license or another important document.

How much is it?

It’s completely free for the user of the service!

If you are an event organizer and would like to host one, we will set up and take down the valet at no charge. You have two options for manning the valet.

  1. Your event provides the valet volunteers. We recommend at least two volunteers over the course of a shift. This way one can relieve the other at various times. We will train your volunteers how to run it.
  2. We run the valet. We charge a hourly rate to operate.

Can I park my child’s chariot or trailer?

Yes! You can also leave your helmet and other cycling accessories by your bike.

What happens if I forget to pick up my bike?

By using the service you agree that we are not responsible for any bikes or associated equipment left after the valet closes. However, we will try our best to leave leftover bikes with the event organizers if possible. Then it would be up to you to contact the event organizer to retrieve your bike.

Are there other bike valets?

We are certainly not the first group to organize a bike valet. Bicycle valets have been implemented in many areas of the world including the very successful Bicycle Valet in Vancouver, BC run by BEST.

Interested in hosting a bike valet? Contact us!