Report that pothole!  TraC launches SeeClickFix road maintenance app

TraC is launching a new campaign to promote improved road maintenance on the Sunshine Coast.  SeeClickFix is a free online program that allows individual road users to report road maintenance issues directly to Capilano Highways, MOTI and local governments.  We are launching this program first with TraC members, with the hope of expanding it to the general public. Member participation is key to this working, so we are hoping you read on and act.

It’s very simple to use.  Go to your Apple or Android app store and download SeeClickFix .  

Register for an account, and start using the app.  When you see a maintenance issue that needs attention – a pothole, debris on the road, fog lines that are faded – stop, open the app, take a photo and give the issue a title.  The app will upload the data to a database managed by TraC, and we will forward the issue to Capilano and MOTI, or the DoS or ToG. SeeClickFix will send you updates on whether the issue has been dealt with, so you can monitor progress.  

Why are we doing this?  Well, mainly because we feel that road maintenance on the Coast is not good enough.  Capilano Highways and MOTI are responsible for ensuring road maintenance standards that comply with the maintenance specifications of the service contract between Capilano and MOTI.  These specs are pretty detailed (go here to read them yourself), and should make our roads safe and welcome to all road users. The problem that we see is that the maintenance work on the ground doesn’t always match the maintenance standards in the contract.  To give you some sense of what is expected, we’ve prepared a summary list of key specs here.  Have a look and, if you agree with us, consider using this app to kick start more attention to road maintenance.