Report road issues on Twitter and Instagram!

The Sunshine Coast is now covered by a new Highway Maintenance Agreement (specifications here) that allows users to report road issues via Twitter and Instagram. This is so much easier than the old landline system.

If you see anything out there that needs fixing contact Capilano Highways on the following social media platforms:

If you are interested in the details of the agreement below is an excerpt.

PM7.05.2-3 Communicate with the public and Stakeholders as follows:

Performance Criteria Response
a) Monitor, receive, and respond to complaints, comments and requests for service across various Communications Platforms or in person and document the result of those communications 24 h
b) Monitor and communicate across various Communications Platforms in advance, during and after planned Services, traffic disruptions, or upcoming Weather Events   immediately
c) Solicit and monitor input regarding the delivery of Services and work with the public, Stakeholders and Province when Services are, or may be disruptive/contentious   in advance,
during and
d) Engage in public educational campaigns (including but not limited to winter preparedness, Shift Into Winter and Cone Zone)
independently or in conjunction with the Province  
each season
e) Provide a toll-free telephone public service, attended by sufficient personnel to respond to: complaints; comments or concerns; reports of conditions that are unsafe or have the potential to become unsafe; and reports of and requests for provincial Highway conditions   24 hrs/day, 7 days a week
f) Provide a contact list to all emergency responders and enter this information into the Ministry’s Incident Response Management website   Commencement Date and immediately thereafter for any changes

7.05.3 Materials and/or Procedures

Additional materials and/or procedures requirements are as follows:

a) Communications with the public, Stakeholders and Province are to be clear and concise;
b) Provide highway condition information in DriveBC in accordance with the DriveBC Web Input Utility User Manual;
c) Communicate with the public and Stakeholders using different strategies in rural and urban areas;
d) Actively operate a minimum of 2 Social Media platforms that are specifically intended for highway maintenance to communicate, engage with and educate the public, fully utilizing the Social Media Platform’s communications capabilities; and
e) Provide an automated acknowledgement on all Communications Platforms, where technically feasible, including the provision of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week contact service for emergency related matters.